We now offer virtual visual facilitation workshops, as well as coaching to support your growth in 2021.
We are now offering Digital Gift Cards as well!

This Kit has everything you need to get everyone in your collaborative on the same page and moving towards common outcomes. Kit includes an Overview Guide with model, suggested sequence, and tips for visual recording, six full color digital or wall-sized visual templates (42×96 inches) with accompanying facilitator guides. Templates include:

  1. Process Map
  2. Seeds of Change Logic Model
  3. Community Systems Map
  4. Community Legacy Vision
  5. Crossing the Gap
  6. ​WOW Map

You can also purchase Visual Templates and Facilitator Guides separately.

BONUS: Kit includes PowerPoint file with the 6 digital templates + POARA meeting startup template as slides for virtual meetings


1 License: $400
Additional Licenses: $360 each


AC Kit: 1-9 Kits – $400
AC Kit: 10+ Kits – $360

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